Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rainbow Riding Center Ribbon Cutting

Today was indeed a most blessed event that Serve Our Willing Warriors had the privileged to attend. This event was held in honor of the Rainbow Riding Center and the ambitious Debi Alexander. This is an amazing origination that SOWW has made plans to partner with once they open their retreat to the wounded warriors on Memorial Day 2015.

Debi Alexander giving a speech of dedication to all of the supporters of the project

The most gracious riding center was started in 1985 and was described as nomadic. This program simply existed only in the crevices of the county that they could afford to carry out their mission. Fortunately for us, today the Rainbow Riding Center is now fully established and stationed in the great Haymarket of Virginia.

Th handicap capable mounting facility at the Rainbow Riding Center

The ribbon cutting ceremony that they held today was accompanied by many community dignitaries that realized the gave importance of the mere existence of programs such as the Rainbow Riding center.

One of the most honored guests had been a rider with the Rainbow Center for a number of years and had been diagnosed with autism from birth. Below here is a photo of him giving his speech that sent chills down the spine of every attendee of the event. He quotes:

"Hello, I am a rainbow rider. When I ride I feel invincible."

With tears in my eyes I snapped a shot of him alongside his proud mother. This amazing facility is truly making a difference in such immense leaps and bounds. We wish the best to the future and success of the Rainbow Riding Center. Our future together looks to be very bright not only for us but also for the wounded warriors we plan to serve!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Davey's Battle Brother Ride

Serve Our Willing Warriors recently participated in Davey’s Battle Brothers Ride! They had a great turn out despite the wet weather that would have normally turned away so many. With 69 participants registered and ready to go, Serve Our Willing Warriors was the grateful recipient of the designated proceeds. The beloved Sonja Ruhren was the organizer of this event. Below is a picture of her and Davey’s Bike.

Following up to the event, Sonja shared a very heartfelt memorial about Davey and we would like to share below:

David’s greatest accomplishment in life was simply being David Alan Ruhren. A young man with a compassion for all living things and respect for all that came in his presence. A protector for all who couldn’t protect themselves and a friend you could always count on. His smile, sense of humor and gentleness could always make a bad day seem so much better. He admired and loved his grandparents with every ounce of his soul and held all members of his family dear to his heart. David Alan Ruhren is a young man who never had to debate right from wrong and would always give more than he ever took. This amazing young man will always be a blessing and a gift to the earth, but had more to offer and more things to do beyond than this planet could hold. His presence touched more souls than most will ever realize. He accomplished more in his short time than most adults ever will. His unconditional sense of self will forever be remembered, and his love forever missed. This is David Alan Ruhren.

This ride was in honor of this courageous soul who elected to protect our nation. We were so honored to be apart of this event. Together we are able to make a difference in the lives of the wounded warriors and their families all because of the selfless sacrifice of an amazing soldier.

May we always remember the sacrifice Davey made protecting our country and many more like him who together keep our nation safe. Davey was commemorated with the purple heart. 

Here are a couple photos we snagged from the event below: 


leftover merchandise is still up for grabs. all proceeds go towards SOWW

this is the specialty pin dedicated to Davey's Battle Brother Ride

such a beautiful site to see all of these men and women supporting the cause!

the whole gang together
honoring Davey

we owe all of our veterans a debt we can never fully repay. Thank you to all of those who came out and supported!