Friday, June 19, 2015

Spring Into Action (With Just a Few Keystrokes) and Help Rescue The Bull Run Warrior Retreat From Encroaching Power Lines!

As a longtime blogger for Serve Our Willing Warriors, I have had the (joyous) responsibility of frequently photographing the beautiful Bull Run Warrior Retreat.  

I have trekked around the property in every season and all types of weather.  

Regardless of the time of year,  I always find myself starting to slow down and relax as I take in the scenery and feel the gentle breezes blowing on my face. 

Oftentimes, I have a hard time tearing myself away (long after I  have finished my photo shoot and reason for being there). 

As almost anyone who visits here will tell you, when you look out at the beautiful views in every direction, you experience the ever-present sense of peace that pervades this property.

This is truly a place to come and heal.

One of the most beautiful vistas of the property can be enjoyed from the front porch of the retreat house. 

The front yard, with its proud service flags flying, looks out over the lower front four acres of the property, framed by the Bull Run Mountain range comprising the easternmost front of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It is hard to fathom that Dominion Power may run three 100 foot power line towers right across these front four acres and the face of the entire property.

Can you imagine marring this view from the front porch with gigantic, humming eyesores?
Surely our nation's warriors deserve better!

Please help us protect this sacred property, set aside for our nation's Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors + Their Families!

Click HERE to sign the petition to Protect Prince William County
and The Bull Run Warrior Retreat!

 Your signature (a few keystrokes) really counts!

We are SOWW grateful!