Sunday, January 19, 2014

Serve Our Willing Warriors named Citizens of the Year!

It was such a surprising and amazing way to begin 2014.  We never could have imagined . . .

All our gratitude goes to The Gainesville Times for the wonderful honor. It was a terrific source of encouragement for all of the volunteers at SOWW!

Our thanks also go to reporter Dan Roem for coming to our Holiday Open House to spend some time getting to know us and then sharing SOWW's vision with the Gainesville Times readership. An additional thanks goes to photographer Doug Stroud for all his time spent on a very cold day trying to make us look photogenic while our teeth were chattering! 

Mr. Roem promised us that we would like the article.  Oh yeah!  We like it a lot!  

As always, we are so(ww) grateful!

So(ww) . . .  Let's get this year started!!!

(It's gonna be a good one!)