Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Musings . . .

It's the Season & Celebration of Come-Backs.

Easter marks the time of year when life springs back up from an environment that, 
for all intents and purposes, appears to be dead.

At Easter, millions of people around the world reflect on & celebrate what they consider to be 
"The Ultimate Come-Back Story":  The Resurrection of Christ.

Serve Our Willing Warriors LOVES a Come-Back Story.
In fact, there is nothing we love more than to be a part of someone's Come-Back Story.
To see a Warrior reunited with his family, friends, and country is always a miraculous event. 

We are so grateful for our Come-Backs; 
those Willing Warriors that made it home!

And we are so(ww) grateful to have a small part in saying "Welcome Home" 
in the midst of their Come-Back journey.

As we celebrate Easter, let us be thankful that we live in a country
that allows all manner of religious freedom.

Let us say a prayer of thanks for the Warriors + Their Families 
that provide us with that rare and precious gift.

Have a Blessed Easter
A Wonderful Season of Come-Backs!