Friday, January 1, 2016

And Magically, A New Year Begins!

2015 closed in a glorious way . . .
With a lovely full moon during Christmastide!
(The first in almost forty years!)
      I saw the glimmering moon peeking over the hillside of the Bull Run Warrior Retreat as I was driving by, just before twilight.  The sight was so breathtaking that I had to pull over to take a picture with my cell phone.

     It was both stunning and serene to stand at the foot of the driveway and watch "La Luna" rising slowly, centered between the entrance's stone pillars. Knowing that we had a Willing Warrior Family spending their holiday together, snug inside the retreat's house made the moment even more beautiful.  A peaceful retreat -- the epitome of a perfect Christmas gift.

Truly A Magical Moment!

So here's to 2016 . . .  
May it be magical for you and yours; 
May it radiate with the warmth known as "Home" all year long!

Happy New Year from All of Us at Serve Our Willing Warriors!