Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wishing You A Memorial Day Filled With Peace . . .

On a perfect day, June 2, 2011, I had the great privilege of visiting


It was a brilliant day:  sunny, a brisk breeze blowing, and temperatures in the low 70s.

The breathtaking location of the cemetery was unexpected.

It was one of the loveliest, most peaceful places I have ever experienced.

It is very hard to reconcile the present day beauty with the horrors
that were visited on these golden shores.

The monuments and inscriptions were so impressive,
and so very, very moving.  

Somehow, it was the view of the horizon beyond the sea that moved me the most.

It was as if the men who were buried here were still looking across the waters.

Looking towards America;  looking towards home.  

I was so pleased that our heroes were honored with such a glorious resting place. 

 The beauty becomes them.

Words regarding our Veterans are never enough.
But we say them anyway.
We say them always.
To those who gave their last full measure of devotion;

To our Veterans past and present;

And to their families;

Thank you.