Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Independence Day 2016!

What's the best way to say 
"Happy Fourth of July"?

I think some of the letters written to our 
Willing Warriors + Their Families 
by The Cub Class of Little Sprouts Preschool 
set a great example!

Our freedom in America isn't really free
Our Soldiers often pay a price to keep our liberty.
On this day we honor you
The ones who fight for Red, White and Blue
From my hand to your heart THANK YOU for all that you do!

Thank you for your service!

The Cub Class, Little Sprouts Preschool

A piece of me I give to you.
I painted this heart to say "Thank you!"
The heart is you, the hand is me,
To show that we are friends, the best that can be.
I hope that you will save this and look back someday 
At the heart I made for you on this day!

Thank you for your service!
The Cub Class
Little Sprouts Preschool

As the American Flag flies proud and free over the
Bull Run Warrior Retreat, we'd like to say . . .

Happy Fourth of July! 
From All of Us at Serve Our Willing Warriors!