Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Simple Thought for a Happy 2017!

I like to plant good thoughts in my head; especially at the start of a new year.

I had been looking for an inspirational saying for 2017 and began digging through all my usual sources for finding great quotes -- you know the kind -- the great words that have been uttered or written by world leaders and iconic, historic figures.

I read through lots of incredible things said by renowned people.
But the words that really spoke to me the most at the close of 2016
came from a place I did not expect. 

As I relaxed during New Year's Eve, I was reading the premier issue of a new magazine; 

In the pages of this lovely new magazine the editor, Joanna Gaines, expressed a simple, yet difficult-to-master, truism that we often forget to apply on a daily basis.

Here are those wise words.

Look too far 
Ahead or behind,  
and We risk missing 
the JOY 
Intended for Here and Now.

There's a Certain Richness in 
that May never be Around Again. 

 . . . I Continue to Move My HEART toward 
Contentedness and Gratitude 
for What THIS Day and Time Hold. ~

~ Joanna Gaines ~

We Hope You
Embrace the Blessings of 
Every Day in 2017

From All of Us
Serve Our Willing Warriors


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