Friday, November 10, 2017

Thanking Our Warriors: Veteran's Day 2017

Today (and Tomorrow) let's pause to 

Respect and Thank Our Veterans!

How does one really say "Thank You!" to these amazing men and women?

In truth, most of our Warriors are modest. While they appreciate our acknowledgement of their service, they are often shy when they are approached by civilians that want to commend them for their military participation.  (Nevertheless, you should always thank them when given the chance. They really do appreciate it!)

Are there other ways that we can effectively say Thanks?

Most veterans would probably say . . .

"Take some form of action as a means of saying thanks."

There are so many great organizations (like Serve Our Willing Warriors) that work with our Veterans and their families in a hands-on, consequential way.  Find a local organization and volunteer. Or donate money or other resources to a nonprofit that provides meaningful services to our Warriors.  Our Veterans need to know that those who have served will be taken care of (along with their families). They need to know they will not be forgotten or neglected.

You can also show your appreciation through Good Citizenship. 

Our Veterans have fought for our precious rights in this country and want to see them upheld and enjoyed. So exercise your right to vote. Be involved in bettering your local community. Raise your children to understand what it means to be an American and to be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. 

Don't take these hard-won gifts for granted. So many people around the world are not so fortunate.

And when you do find yourself in the position to personally thank a Veteran, be sure to say, 

"Please thank your family for me too!"

They will certainly appreciate that. 

I will close with a few snapshots of our incredible Warriors in action; always keeping us safe here at home and doing good things for the world abroad. Aren't they amazing?

Have a Blessed Veterans Day + Weekend and remember . . .

Take Action to Say Thanks!

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