Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seasonal Lessons From Passover & Easter (and Cherry Trees)

One of the wonderful things about living in the DC beltway region is the onset of spring. Passover and Easter are usually ushered in by the blooming of cherry trees that line the Potomac River, the highways, and the neighborhoods surrounding our capital.

But this year, our beloved cherry trees were hit hard by crazy weather patterns. A heat wave initiated too-early budding and blooming. A severe cold front followed, dumping snow and ice on the delicate blossoms.

I have two cherry trees that sit on either side of my driveway and I eagerly await their bloom each year. This year, my beautiful trees were covered in brown, withered petals. I almost felt ill when I saw them and worried that my trees might be permanently damaged. 

I did the only thing I could do -- I left town for a week because I just couldn't bear to see my beautiful trees so decimated. 

But then I returned. 
And, miraculously, so had some blooms on my cherry trees!

Though the blooms were not as profuse as previous years, they were still beautiful. They reminded me of something important:

Never write something off because it has been hurt or damaged.
This is particularly true of people.

We all possess an underlying strength to conquer harsh circumstances and the winter storms of life only serve to help us tap into that hidden reserve of fortitude. We are made to miraculously overcome!

(At SOWW we get to observe inner resilience up close and at work in the Willing Warriors that we serve. They are our daily reminders of the power of the human spirit!)

Perhaps you have just weathered some difficult circumstances in your own life and things are looking pretty grim. As we enter into this sacred season of Passover & Easter, I would like to encourage you and challenge you to: 

Think on the Passover story;
Meditate on Easter;
Observe the Cherry Trees . . .

They all illustrate the story of Overcoming
of Victory in the face of death
of New Beginnings.

These stories are your stories too.

Wishing you a beautiful Passover & Easter A Year Filled with Renewed Strength and Vigor Good Things Blossoming!

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