Friday, May 5, 2017

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day ~ Celebrating A Warrior Kind Of Love

Serve Our Willing Warriors loves to honor Our Military.

But it is impossible to honor our incredible men and women in uniform 
without honoring Their Spouses.

They are the other Willing Warriors . . .

They are the ones willing to frequently relocate their families, often having to leave friends and familiarity behind.

They are the faithful ones who wait at home for their loved ones while they are away serving our country . . .

They are the ones who singlehandedly raise the children and manage the home front and lie awake at night praying for their their warrior's safe return during tours of duty . . .

They are un-uniformed and live among us.

If you know a military spouse that is awaiting the return of their husband or wife, 
PLEASE reach out to them and show your appreciation. 

Offer to mow their lawn or wash their car.

Offer to cook a meal or take their kids to a movie. 

The smallest token of appreciation & support can mean an awful lot to a military wife or husband dealing with daily stresses that a civilian cannot possibly know.

Knowing that people back home are looking out for their spouses definitely means the world to our Willing Warriors who must spend long periods of time away from their families.

And no one is more deserving of our appreciation.

To all our Military Spouses out there . . .

We Thank You!

You are our Unsung Heroes; 
Our Willing Warriors at Home!

Note:  All of the photos of Willing Warriors & Their Spouses + Families 
were taken during their complimentary stays at the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run.

Thanks to Bushnell Photography for volunteering with SOWW to provide 
these wonderful images & memories for our Willing Warrior guests.

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